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Mac Davis Flooring is Nantucket’s #1 company for refinishing and restoring old hardwood floors. Depending on the square footage, it usually takes approximately one week for MDF’s crew to transform an old, dull floor into a floor that looks brand new. (View our Gallery) Our crew takes great pride in our work, using only the best equipment and products to do the job 100% to your satisfaction. Because we understand that your life is busy, and that moving out of your home or business for a few days is not easy, we work together with you to find a time that is convenient and manageable.

Proper floor preparation and sanding are the most important phases of any MDF floor refinishing project. MDF’s experienced crew takes the time to prepare your space properly before we even begin. We move furniture, seal/tape off entrances, gently remove trim where needed, and cover cabinets, countertops, and appliances to ensure that our work is protected and we leave your space as clean as possible. Another element of proper preparation includes floor repair. We locate any problematic areas and take care of them before sanding begins. Our crew is highly trained in using the highest quality sanders and sandpaper, selecting the proper grit to ensure a smooth and flawless floor before finishing occurs. The experienced choices that MDF’s professionals make during the preparation and sanding phase of the restoration process set the stage for a beautiful finished project that will last for years.

The next phase of the process is the application of multiple coats of your selected finish. (Learn More About Floor Finish) Because MDF’s crew spends the time needed to prepare your space properly, this phase does not take long. Our experts apply the finish evenly and simply have to wait for the product to set and dry properly. We buff out any imperfections in between coats. After multiple coats are applied, your floor will not only look amazing but will also be extremely durable and ready for years of enjoyment.

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